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Timeline of God Events

I don’t know how to start this blog, but here goes:

In the beginning God.  It all starts with Him and comes back to Him.

4-13-2011  A Young Chinese girl sits behind a piano and sings “I GIVE MYSELF AWAY. Spring of 2011  A pastor at my church says, “You need to hear this new song, I Give Myself Away.”

6-24-2011  Our church sings/prays to the Lord, “I Give Myself Away.” 

2011-2013  That Song becomes a prayer and a heart cry for me personally and for many of our services at church.

2-10-2013  I receive an invitation to teach on worship at the  “2013 Worship Seminar” in Myanmar (Burma).

3-5-2013  I first hear that young Chinese girl (Jane Lee) singing “I Give Myself Away” on Youtube. 

5-12-2013  My pastor at church preaches a message.  

5-17-2013  I leave for Myanmar with several new songs in hand to teach to the growing Christian church there.

5-19-2013  I tune in from Myanmar to hear my pastor preaching a message called “Do Something.” 

5-20-2013  The Holy Spirit leads me to the video of the young girl singing during a new song teaching session.  You could hear a pin drop.

5-21-2013  We discuss that the truth that true worship is 24/7, not 1 hr Sunday morning.  It’s giving a cup of water in Jesus name. 

5-25-2013  The students in Myanmar have really caught the premise of worship as a lifestyle, and the impact one life can have for Jesus.  It’s doing something.  They act on it.

5-25-2013  After learning of the suffering of many in Oklahoma from a recent tornado the students learn a simple song of hope (In English)  “We Will Rise” to pass on to the victims in Oklahoma. These students had been through a storm as well when Cyclone Nargis took the lives of 138,000 Burmese.  The song was released at that time in Burmese.

5-26-2013 (7:00am)  Students, within 48 hours produce a video for Oklahoma.  I see it and give glory to God.

5-26-2013 (5:30pm)  I receive a call from ABC News station KOCO in Oklahoma asking permission to air the students video on the evening news…following the president’s visit.

5-26-2013 (10:25pm)  After 20 minutes of coverage of the president’s visit to Oklahoma ABC TV KOCO airs students in Myanmar singing a message of hope for Oklahoma.  To God be the glory, How Great Thou Art!!!

In the beginning God.  Right now…God, in the end, God.  I’m sharing this with you because I see the power of the Holy Spirit to use any of us when we say, “I Give Myself Away” so You can use me.  

Our church concludes our series entitled “Green Light” this week.  Activating our faith.  But it’s really a beginning.  Get the message and love of Christ out of the pew and into our hearts with a love for Him so passionate that it influences everything we do.  There’s no telling what God can do with a small cup of water given in Jesus name. He wants to use you, where you are, with whatever resources and gifts He’s given you…today.  Thank you Jane Lee for sitting behind that keyboard and letting your heart cry out, “Here I am, Here I stand.  Lord my life is in Your hands.”  It all starts with surrender to Jesus and ends with glory to God. There’s no place like HOPE, Stefan Youngblood <!–[if !mso]>

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