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Covid Pivots for WGH

Hello,I’m Stefan.
My passion is to intertwine the stories of the poor and the rich.
With the new upcoming GoHope.App you can now meet a need by a swipe on your phone. That's a very early rendering to the pictured. 
We've been working on this project since before our world went online for everything, and in this new season of Covid-19 this digital element of giving is needed more than ever before. Check out our site here
We're looking for partners committed to helping us bring this App to life.Please consider a financial gift on our donation page. 

Friends We've Worked With

SaSalvation Army of Wake County


Healing Transitions

Doorstep Ministries

Church of the Good Shepherd Soup Kitchen

First Baptist Church Clothes Closet

Helping Hands Ministry

Church in The Woods

Lost Sheep Ministries


Newbern House

Oak City Outreach Center

Raleigh Rescue Mission

The South Wilmington Street Men's Shelter

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