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The Gathering, In Their Own Words

Hey Friends,

I really did think that Monday’s morning paper could’ve read, “Cardboard Turns to Gold at Local Downtown Church.” Pastor Ned reminded us that the fence has been moved, and new life has begun. This Easter God made His presence so real at the Gathering that You could almost touch His jeans. (Video is now posted, see below) So… I decided to let YOU write this week’s update. Here are some of the praises to God, offered after the service.

The best service I have ever been too and I have been to many!. So moving to see how God has changed so many lives from the young to the old, people from different backgrounds and circumstances, each person so unique and such a testimony to the abundant grace and the boundless love of God. It was such an amazing service. I cannot stop talking about it. Thank you to all of the people who shared their testimony, very powerful. It was a message of HOPE to us all!

The most Touching service I have EVER been to…..I felt God’s love everywhere!

“WOW!! What a blessing for all of us! So amazing…”

“It was the most powerful Easter service I have ever attended. I am thankful for all who participated.”

“I have never witnessed such a touching and profound message as I did this morning with the cardboard testimonies. It was one of the proudest moments I have had as a mom, and I will carry it in my heart always. What a blessing, God is GOOD!”

“Today’s service was the best Easter service I’ve ever attended. I’m so proud to be a member of a congregation that is willing to be real, honest, and open about the struggles of their lives and the wonderful changes God has done in them. What a family we have at the Gathering.God is GOOD!”

“I am always moved every Sunday at The Gathering however the service today moved me beyond words and there was not a dry eye in the house! Thank you to all who shared such personal messages to make this service the most memorable Easter Service in all of my years! ”

“The service today was the best I’ve ever attended and it will never be forgotten. God is awesome!”

“HE is alive and HE is doing great things at E-street! Who would have thought something as simple as a piece of cardboard could make such a profound and lasting impression on so many people. It was humbling to be able to share my testimony and showed many people that God is always “moving the fence.” God is good!”

What a service?! Words cannot adequately describe the feeling of the Holy Spirit in the room yesterday. I have been trying to think of a way to put my experience into words. God is PHENOMENAL!

I was so touched that I was making the “ugly cry face” as each person walked on stage!

My first visit to The Gathering was in November at the urging of a great friend. One day I left The Gathering so full that I just went home to savor what I was experiencing. The closeness I felt to my Savior was as real as it had ever been. So I skipped my spiritual “home” that day and just floated through my Sunday. A bit in awe. The next week I thought to myself ” maybe I will try the discussion group”. And so I did and I had no idea what was about to happen. In a few short months Christ has become so real to me that it is beyond my ability to articulate. I now hear Him speaking from the hearts of my new friends. I now see Him as a young man touching the ocean for the first time. I know feel Him as we hold hands in church and pray. I am now filled by Him as my new friends bang on a conga drum or sing songs of praise; loving Him with all their hearts, all their soul, all their mind and all their strength. I most recently saw him as my new friends turned cardboard into gold. Assuredly, The Gathering has surprisingly and dramatically changed my life.

For all of this we say, “All Praise to God Alone.”



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