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The Baggage Handler

“Ladies and Gentleman, you’re allowed as many carry-ons as you like, and there’s no charge and no weight limit for excess baggage. Welcome to, “Easter Airlines.”

From 1926 to 1991 Eastern Airlines was one of the top carriers in the US. But, “Easter Airlines” is still around. Imagine if Easter at every church had the policy above. Imagine if that described church in general. Instead of passing through security and having agents tell you what not to bring on the flight, these “agents”, at the church doors remind you what to bring. “Bring it on in folks.”  Nothing to hide, no sin too heavy, no secret too dark. Past regrets and failures? Bring them. Hideous habits? Bring them. Broken, blemished and stained? Bring everything. You’ve come to the right place. No need to drive past the church, remain outside the stained glass, or avoid that smiley faced welcome handshake while thinking to yourself, “If anyone knew the real me, then…

Friends, regardless how meticulously we “pack”, we all have baggage. You needn’t hide, dress up, cover up, mask, or pretend this Easter. I found that when my own excess baggage of divorce, chemical dependency, and then detox littered my past and weighed me down like overstuffed carry-ons, the God of second chances was there to bear the weight with open arms. And this, “Baggage Handler,” took it all… and still does today. He even takes our dirty laundry, cleans it all, and removes stains…for good! “Though yours sins are red as crimson, I will make them white as wool.” Isaiah. 1:18

If humble vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage, then the cross of Easter is the source of courage over fear. “Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; neither be disgraced…” Isaiah 54:4 The cross is our power to live free from comparison and the opinion of others. After all, God’s the pilot, and only His approval counts. (He also mingles among the passengers)

“Easter Airlines” where excess baggage is never a problem. And as always, friends fly free.


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