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Some One

“Because every one counts…” When we ran out of seating space last year, and had to begin a second Sunday morning service, that became the tag line for our new 11:11 service start time. That was exactly one year ago, this week. Every one counts…and everyone counts. There was one stable with one baby boy who was sent by one (The only) Father to one world for one hope for one salvation. He was born in one town under one sky (Which his Dad created) to be the one way for every…one.  Everyone counts. On one unforgettable day He demonstrated one remarkable love on one agonizing cross for every…one.

So, this season, for the lonely one, the joyful one, the pained one, and the shamed one,

The lying one, the dying one, the stained, and the drained one,

For the lost one, the bound one, the free, and the found one,

The pierced one, the punk one, the monk and the drunk one.

For the used one, the abused one, the weary and the confused one,

For the rich one, the poor one, and if you think about it…you’re one…

You are loved this very moment, and there’s not one thing you can do about it. Well maybe…one.

Give your life, your cares, your hopes, completely to Jesus, the One.

~ “I and the Father are one”~ Jesus (John 10:30)


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