Seeking Imperfect People

Have you ever noticed that God chooses some pretty unlikely characters to do some pretty interesting things?  Cheats, liars, murderers. Folks often unqualified, lacking good references and possessing a resume’ we’d probably pass over without blinking.  I posted the text you see here to my Facebook wall and oddly had more people pass it on and share it than ANYTHING I’ve ever posted before.   I had people text and email me explaining they had someone who needed to hear it.  Let me say that in all honesty, although I’ve never had an affair, murdered anyone, or been dead, I’m guilty of most of the things named in the list of “challenges” faced by these Bible characters God chose to use.  I’m so glad for second chances, and a grace that doesn’t let go.

As God continues to weave your story (and mine) all together, lets remember that, “He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it in Christ Jesus.”  I bet He’s using you today in ways you can’t even see, to bring light, life and hope… even if you feel unusable. 

There’s no place like HOPE, Stefan


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