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Kale, Spinach, and Apple Smoothie

I recently made a drastic shift in my diet to fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish. I coerced, I mean invited, my daughter to try my new daily smoothie of kale, carrots, spinach, blueberries, a banana, an apple and a small bit of pomegranate juice. Let’s just say that she was not a fan. To me it tasted like a “vegetably” applesauce, but her response, “Dad, I can’t do it. Do you really like that?”

People are different. And if you’ve been around church for long, you’ve no doubt discovered that churches are different too. I’ve found that different churches seem to feed their congregations different meals. Some are like dessert, some like appetizers, and some, leave you feeling like you just ate a steak dinner. If we’re to grow, and stay healthy, we need to be nourished somewhere regularly, not only Sundays. 

Someone once asked me why I visit other churches in our city when I “have a church.” Well, I can sorta understand their curiosity, but I wonder if a better question might be, “Why would you not worship and fellowship with your brothers and sisters outside your own church?” Personally, I grow as a minister in my church when I feel what it’s like to be a guest in another church. Our differences can be great catalysts for growth, and worshipping side by side with our brothers and sisters any chance we have, may be our best foretaste of what’s to come in heaven, where every tribe, nation, and tongue will confess Jesus. Phil 2:10

For the past seven years I’ve had the joyful privilege of working with a phenomenal staff at my local church. Representing several churches we gather together each Tuesday morning for a time of worship and prayer. Ultimately, we all work for The Church. God’s Church…His Bride. Eph. 4:5

In two weeks I leave for Myanmar, where I’ll be helping to train worship leaders in a variety of churches. A country where Buddhists and Muslims clash and Christians are a very small minority, there’s not time to sit around and count the issues that divide us. The focus is on Jesus and the cross.

So, wherever you worship, are you eating healthy? Are you getting the meat of solid biblical teaching, and the milk of His word? 1 Pet. 2:2 Are you experiencing His transforming power, and growing? And are you sharing meals with your brothers and sisters who may have a different church home, or no church home? I can make you a purple, grainy, vegetable/fruit smoothie with walnuts and grilled salmon but when it comes to you being nourished spiritually or malnourished only you can decide how to respond to all God’s given us to stay healthy and strong. Stefan


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