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Just Ask a Six Year Old

Yesterday was “Lake Day” at a local summer camp for kids.  I volunteered to help by taking kids, two by two, out on the lake for canoe trips…all day.  It was my 3rd year, and in some ways you could say I was a 3rd grader, with over 400 young teachers around me.  I got to play all day.  I asked  a few of them questions, and their answers were golden.

When I asked these kids, “What do you think God looks like?”  I got priceless answers.

“Well, I know He wears sandals. Probably Crocs.”

“He has blue eyes.” (Btw, the next kid in the boat said, “I’m pretty sure He has brown eyes.”)

“He wears a robe.”

“He looks like the picture my dad painted of Him and hung in our hallway at home.”

“He has a really short beard. Kinda like mostly stubble.” 

“I think he wears a scarf.”

“I think He looks like every person in the world.” (I really loved that one)

“God looks like the sun.” (This kid didn’t specify Son or sun, but I think he was really on to something either way.)

My second question was, “If you could ask God anything, what would you ask Him?” Here’s a few answers:

“I’d ask Him for global warming.”

“I’d ask Him to make all the homeless people ‘not homeless’.”

“I’d ask Him if I could ask Him 3 more things.”

“I’d ask Him for no more fear.”

“I’d ask Him if He could help me walk on water.”  (I loved the fact that this kid said “Help me…”)

“I’d ask him if He could set up a fund for every kid to go to college.” 

“I’d ask Him for the Holy Spirit.”

I noticed that most of the kids, when asked to describe God, described what they had seen in depictions of Jesus and when asked what they would ask God, well, their answers ware as diverse as the kids themselves.  

I bet you need to see God today, (I know I do) and chances are you have something to ask Him.  Here’s good news.  Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father.” Secondly, “One day while walking on a road Jesus saw 2 blind men and simply asked them “What do you want me to do for you?”  They said (of course)  “We wanna see!”  Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him. 

There was one really sweet 6 year old kid, who when I asked what the best year of their (6 year old) life was, replied, “When I was a baby. Then I just slept, and didn’t have anything to worry about.” 


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