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Waves Crabs and Fisherman

Pop quiz: “Wild Bill” Wichkowski, Phil Harris, Jonathan Hillstrand, Keith Colburn. Recognize any of these names? They’re all famous.

Chances are you don’t recognize them…but you may have seen them. Those guys catch crabs…a lot of crabs. They are the stars of a wildly popular cable show called “The Deadliest Catch.” I’ve reluctantly become a fan. Why is it that I find equal excitement in both the size of king crabs and in the possibility of someone going overboard?

My take? The biggest star of that show is never listed in the credits. I think the biggest star in the Deadliest Catch is…drum roll…The Wave. No wave, no show. Remove the angry seas, fear-inducing, tension-building, serious threat of life or death, and most viewers would turn the channel. If you took those same burly crab fishermen and had them put on sandals, toss their crab traps into the blue calm water off the coast of Cozumel while kicking back a PBR, that spells boring. Ratings drop. Make no mistake. That wave, and the threat of waves, is the real lead character. Got waves?

 I thought about this last week as I read a verse about a few guys who decided to follow Jesus…into a boat…out to the deep, and under a wave. Been there? I have. But what’s even more amazing is how one Gospel writer puts it in Matthew 8:23-25 NCV.

“Jesus got into a boat, and his followers went with him. A great storm arose on the lake so that waves covered the boat, but Jesus was sleeping. His followers went to him and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We will drown!

Again I ask. Have you been there?

In His typical, always at peace fashion, Jesus (One of His names is Prince of Peace) responds asking, “Why are you afraid?” The One who knows how to ask questions asks, “Why?” Their soaked clothes, the rocking boat, and the look of fear in their eyes told their story, it didn’t finished His.

Friends, allow the Prince of Peace into your boat to tell your wave, “You are not the lead character anymore. Be quiet…and be still.”

Here is a funny insight. The disciples walk away with their own question. It starts with,“Who?” In Mark 4:42 NIV, they ask, “Who is this man?”

Their question turns out to be their answer as well. The who… Jesus. His resume flawless. His timing perfect. His strength immeasurable. His track record impeccable. His hands are big enough, His voice is strong enough, and His grace is sure enough to get your mind off the “what” that is taking place around you and put your eyes on the “Who” who is standing there before you.

I will keep him at perfect peace who’s mind is constantly on me.

Since you probably failed the first pop quiz, here’s a second. People eat alot of crabs, but what do crabs eat? The answer: fungi, bacteria, and other crustaceans. Bon Appetit.


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