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Uh, Say What?

Hey Folks,

Today I sat down at a very crowded Panera Bread during lunch and waited for a friend. As I sat there and opened up my laptop, this little kid sitting next to me kept looking over and smiling. His seat was so close to my table that he decided to turn to me and have a conversation while his mom talked to another woman sitting with them. Problem is, the little boy spoke that… “baby language.” You know, those “words” and “phrases” that come out, mixed with slobber, that only a parent can interpret. Only thing is, this mom wasn’t paying attention, and left me to fend for myself. (The other day, my friend Doug called and decided to put his son Bishop on the phone while they played in the park. Bishop is my buddy, but the only thing I actually caught in his string of sentences was the word “fast“, to which Doug replied of my translation, “Hey you did pretty good”)

Well, this little kid seemed especially interested in an Excel spreadsheet I had on my computer. Funny thing is that I think we both had that puzzled, “deer in the headlights” look as we glanced over it. As I got my food, and continued to eat (my friend never showed) my little lunch guest continued to stare, while slowly reaching for my oatmeal raisin cookie. (that’s not gonna happen) and basically tell me many things, that I did not know.

See, I used to know that language, but my kids are older now. Corin is 23 and married, Justin 21 and Zach, 18…so I’ve all but forgotten how to interpret this special language of the Wee Ones. Yet I’m reminded that God knows and understands every word and thought. And, He knows our needs far better than we know them ourselves. He understands our deepest cries, and the longings of our spirit. There’s nothing about us that surprises Him, catches Him off guard, or in any way is beyond His wisdom and understanding. Joys, pains, disappointments, questions? He’s got it covered.

One of my favorite songs, “He Knows My Name.” It’s a simple reminder that He who knows us best, loves us most. In fact, He’s listening to you right now. Take time to talk to Him. Better yet, take time to listen.

Still in one Peace,

Stefan Youngblood


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