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Today I will not should on myself

Today I will not should on myself.

Sometimes it’s better to just laugh and let it go. I headed out from the church to grab lunch around the corner on Glenwood Ave. It was a beautiful day to walk the 3 blocks, yet I decided to drive primarily because I had just done P90x the day before and my legs were Jello. (BTW, I believe Satan himself may have been involved with creating some of the exercises on that video, but that’s a story for later.) As I crossed the second block, I noticed the RR crossing bars descending in front of me. I checked the rear view mirror and noticed the car behind me was a police car. Hallelujah! A U-Turn was out of the question. So I get to wait.

Funny thing is the train wasn’t even there yet! I’m just waiting–me, my appetite, and Stevie Wonder on the radio. Although only a few minutes went by, it seemed like an hour. Finally, the train comes, car after car. And interestingly, many of the cars were empty. Just bare frames. I convinced myself those were there just to annoy me. I had decided to turn off the engine and count the train cars passing by. One, two, three…24, 25, 26… Wait. Was it 25 or 26? Then I noticed the strangest thing. The train slowed almost to a crawl. Over the squeal of the wheels on the tracks, I heard the distinct sound of God laughing (one of those big belly laughs). As the train came to a complete stop, I observed the cop car behind me make a fast u-turn, but quickly a guy in a big red pickup truck, blasting “Garth Brooks” (my name for every country singer I don’t know), pulls up behind me, insuring me my blessing wasn’t complete yet. Why? Because now the train backs up! “Oh no, you didn’t,” I say to myself. (The laughing gets louder) 24, 23, 22…5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and the fun is over along with my lunch break. As the engine of the train passed by (backwards) I tried to look in the window to see the person I could blame for all this…but the windows were tinted. Figures!?!

I had a point when I started writing this. I think it was something about obstacles, or waiting, or annoyances. If you think of what it might be, just write me. For now? Note to self: Bring your lunch from home.


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