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The Gathering Blog in 10 sentences or Less

I was reminded last week that my bad memory was worse than I thought when I called Reece, Bryce in last week’s blog. Sorry Reece. But as Reece inspired being succinct, here’s my SHORT blog with ten of my biggest lessons from my first 50 (that number is growing on me) years…in no certain order.

1.  Grace liberally received should prompt grace liberally given. 

2. I can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t deserve a second chance.

3. There may be some gain without pain…but the Jesus way involves pain and suffering.

4. There’s a whole lot better chance of experiencing Jesus during the week, than in church on Sundays.

5. Before my sister Fran went to be with the Lord, she said, “It’s important to know when the wind is blowing in a new direction.”

6. The way people will know you actually follow Jesus? Love one another…period. John 13:35

7. To live without risk is to risk not living. 

8. Clarity may be one of the biggest adversaries of trust.

9. Control is often an illusion. We actually control very little.

10. Avoid cost-free discipleship at all cost. Following Jesus is cost-ly…not cost-free.

Well, that’s it. Please invite a guest this week. There’s a “Call Waiting” on their life too you know.


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