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That’s My Dad

If you asked my daughter Corin how she told me 9 months ago that I was gonna be a grandpa, her version goes like this: During one of our dad/daughter lunches at Panera Bread, we sit down at the table, and after a few minutes Corin says, “Dad, you’re going to be a Grandpa. Dad, “Really??? Congratulations!” Awkward silence. Corin notices Dad eyeing her warm french bread. She said “Dad, would you like a piece?” Dad says “no, no, I’ll just eat this hard crusty wheat bread.”Corin says “Are you sure?” Dad says “Well…ok.” After dipping it in his tomato soup and eating the bread as if its his last meal he says “Wow, This just made my day!!!” Corin then says “So, the bread made your day and not the part about becoming a grandfather?” Dad then nervously laughs and says “Oh, that sounded bad didn’t it?”

 My version however was different.I remember saying, “Congratulations, and THEN saying Really?” And I don’t ever remember saying the word, “Crusty.”(Especially in a conversation about a Grandpa)

Regardless, just as I was realizing I have no idea what I’m doing as a father, someone’s walking up and saying, ” Are you ready to be a grandfather?” I never know what to say. “Uh, can I use a lifeline?” Wait, what’s that? I only have half a lifeline? Note to self: Update Bucket list. Seriously, I couldn’t be a happier father, with three incredible kids.

As we approach Father’s Day I stand back and think of my own dad. We talk every day. Words can’t explain the impact he’s had on me. Raising 8 kids in a small house in Md, was no small feat. No instruction book, no classes, and I’m sure, no rest. I don’t know how he did it, but I’d look on the sidelines at one of my football games, activities, or concerts and there he was. I’m not convinced that he didn’t hire a stunt double to make it activities for eight kids.

One day in particular I remember playing the drums with my High School Jazz band, in the center of a large shopping mall. People were everywhere. Thousands…millions maybe. Ok, maybe two hundred, but that was fine. They actually gave me a solo. The crowd was really into it. The show went great but what I really remembered came a few hours later. An older man who worked at a shoe store in the mall (where I also worked) came up and said, “Stefan you should have seen your dad. He was telling everybody in the crowd, “That’s my son.” Those three words, over 3 decades ago are etched in my mind as I’m now the dad in the crowd cheering on his son playing drums. The video here is my son Zach on the “drums,” and me videotaping with my kids.

There’s someone cheering you on today. You may not hear the roar, or see Him clearly, but He’s there. In fact, a simple childlike faith would sing back “Thats my dad”Our ideas of “father” may vary as wide as our experiences of our earthly fathers. Your own relationship with your earthly father may bring thoughts of hurt or pain…but that’s not the end of the story. Accepting Christ mean adoption into this family as sons and daughters; by the sacrifice of Jesus…sealed, never to be plucked from His hand. He even looked out of the clouds saying, “That’s my Son whom I have chosen. Listen to Him.”

So here’s a thought this Father’s Day. As God shouts out in a million ways to you today, “That’s my son, or that’s my daughter, how about we shout back for the world to hear, “That’s my Dad!!!” After all, on Father’s Day, what do you give a God who has everything? Yourself!

My prayer:  Lord thank you for being the greatest Father. I give myself to you. In Jesus name. Amen


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