From a Six Year Old

This past Sunday morning, as we were about to sing the song, “Awesome God,” I asked the congregation to speak out a few words describing what this Awesome God gives us power over. A few people yelled out things from sin and death to our future and our past.Then a fearless six (and a half) year old yelled, “The devil.” I said from the microphone, “Who said that?” “Me,” the little voice on the front row said. “What’s your name I asked?” He yelled back, “Bryce.” 

I’m pretty sure kids are our greatest worship leaders. Their simple faith and unadulterated boldness hold great lessons for all of us. Bryce got me thinking. God’s word says, “He has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind.” Imagine what God could do through one single life with a mustard seed of faith and a trust that supplants fear.

All through the Bible, and history itself for that matter, we find ordinary people living lives of purpose as they put Him first. Read the book of Acts alone and you’ll discover just what God can do through a few fisherman and a ragtag crew of guys who had just ran and hid when the heat was turned up. But God knew their running in fear would soon become walking in power.  Yours will too!

All of us wanna run at times when life becomes difficult. Our finances and our relationships become strained, our health stressed, and bad habits return with negative thoughts taking over. When one part of our life after another takes a bad turn, we can feel like there is no end in sight, no way out. The truth is, maybe you don’t have an answer. But God does! Maybe you don’t have the strength. But God does! Remember what Bryce said, “God has power over the devil.”

Friends, you may have neglected God, but He has not abandoned you. He has a future planned for you that’s better than your mind could imagine. Keep in mind however that His blessings and abundance often come disguised as trials, failure, adversity, and…pain. As long as you’re breathing, you can still make every moment count by renewing your faith and accepting His plans for you.

If we hold on to our faith in Christ, let go of the wheel, and let Him steer, we’ll emerge not bitter but better, not a victim but a victor. God’s already is working in our lives to arrange the right people, the right skills, and the right opportunities to give us the tools we need to fulfill His call and purpose for you.

Bryce, thanks for reminding us that God’s got infinite power over the enemy. No weapon formed against us will prosper. Oh, by the way, your 2 word sermon’s my challenge to write a 10 sentence blog next week!


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