Easter Outside Kansas

“Sunday at The Gathering we experienced the most powerful Easter service of our lives.” ~ A couple attending The Gathering Easter Service

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.”  ~ Dorothy, in “The Wizard of Oz”

Some may see all church experiences the same. They’re not. In a place where your, “Sunday best” means no facade, no masks, no pretense, no sham, and no role playing, welcome to Easter morning at The Gathering. After worship songs of praise and thanksgiving, prayer, a video, and a great message, something rare, even un-Kansas-like, happened. Twenty-five men, women and children walked across a stage and told the powerful story of their own weakness and the God who’s turning it to strength. I was moved beyond words to witness the power of transparency, the strength of vulnerability, and the all but lost quality of courageous authenticity. Infused by the story of a Risen King, this small presentation (Cardboard Stories) demonstrated the common ground where God does His mightiest work.

What we think is loss, failure, weakness and hopelessness, God uses as a testimony of His power to heal and transform. On Easter, one by one, they walked across the stage in a simple act of trust, pointing the largest crowd to ever attend Easter at The Gathering toward the cross. The saying goes, “You had to be there.” but thanks to modern technology, you can experience it right here. That’s just the beginning friends. Today, He is working to transform each of us, one layer at a time. He’s making all things new. The best is yet to come…for you, your family, The Gathering@ Estreet and in His church worldwide.


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