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Think you’ve heard it all?

Not too long ago a couple decided to name their baby, “Hashtag.” Yep…Hashtag. It caused such an internet uproar that sites quickly unearthed a slew of other modern words that have suddenly become “cool” names for hipster babies. One report found that the name “Apple” rose 15 percent for girls, and it’s now popular for boys too. (I do have a friend named Mac, but that’s different) For boys, “Excel” has become quite popular. I’m sure there’s a little “Hyperlink” and his friend, “Yahoo” running around somewhere. #sirius A couple near Tel Aviv, said they wanted an original name, and decided their daughter would be the first in the country to be called “Like,” explaining that it’s simply the modern equivalent to the name “Love.” (Btw, it’s not, and never will be. #fail). Besides, how will they simply tell their daughter they love her? “I love you Like?” 

Ok, two quick thoughts: First, there’s a name that’s above every other name and second, we need to do more than “like” Him. His name is Jesus and our highest call is to love Him above all else. In fact, there’s amazing, limitless power in the name of Jesus. Angels bow and demons shudder. His name defeated death and created life. 

A great honor and joy for me over the years has been to proclaim the name of Jesus from Myanmar and Tunisia to India and the Ukraine, and trust me, not everyone’s a “fan” of that name. Although the Universalist “many ways to the Father” idea is socially popular, the Bible proclaims, “There’s no other name under heaven by which men can be saved (Acts 4:12),” and “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow (Phil. 2:10).” #Onewayonetruthonelife 

So, what’s in a name? Everything when you’re talking about Jesus. Jesus saves. Jesus heals. Jesus forgives. Jesus reigns. Jesus cares, and Jesus hears every time you whisper or cry out His name. I pray that we experience the power of His name today.  

Long after the day when school teachers will take roll and notice their whole class is filled with Hashtags, Siris, and Apples, the name, that name…Jesus, will be above all. 


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