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A Crater A Gator and A Hater

Hey Friends,

As I watched this past week in “The Gathering”, as a large group of young people lined across the front, it was inspiring to see them singing, learning, listening, (and I’m sure, texting). I was reminded of the “Under Construction” process we ALL find ourselves in.

Outside my office/closet just next to our church is a major construction site. Not long ago it used to be a large brick office building. It’s been standing on that corner since long before I came to Raleigh, 9 years ago. In order to begin to build, they had to first demolish the old building. Each day I would watch the heavy steel balls pulverize the huge building as it slowly crumbled to pieces. As time passed and dump trucks hauled away broken portions of brick and steel, eventually there was only a large crater where the building used to stand. I’m sure it served its purpose for a long time, but someone deemed it necessary to use that space for a better purpose.

I had wondered what this was going to be, and just heard folks say “our new parking garage”. The massive sight is filled with huge steel girders, tons of building material and a swarm of people in hard-hats who, most of the time, like they know what they’re doing. My point? The only way I know what is to eventually stand there is for me to look at the artist’s rendering posted out on the tall fence on the edge of the street. The architect’s picture is that of a beautiful glass structure, home to our new Nature Research Center… and a parking garage.

You know, in the rebuilding of my life, and yours, there’s a picture somewhere. A picture designed by the Master Architect, of what I’m to look like once all this building and construction is completed. I can’t see it right now. At times all I see (and those around me see) is a site, with a crater in it. Or perhaps a large unidentifiable structure somewhere in the long building process. But trust this, God has plans for you. Plans for a hope and a future. Not for calamity.” Jer. 29:11 Brand new, useful, strong, and ready for a divine purpose. Till then… “Under Construction”.


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