1st Annual Aloha Conference

Hey Folks,

One letter can make a huge difference. A few weeks ago, little Ella Newmiller bought me a little refrigerator magnet with a picture that reads ” There’s No Place Like Hope.” I love it’s casual play on words from the oft quoted, ” There’s No Place Like Home.” One letter.

My friend Jonathan sent me a text message yesterday indicating he was a little too busy to call because he was at the “Aloha Conference.” Well, first of all I was jealous. Aloha Conference? Nobody told me about the Aloha Conference. Probably some kinda minister retreat in Hawaii. Just what I need. I didn’t really care what it was about, I just wanted to go. After an envious and unsuccessful Google search, it dawned on me that he was at the “Alpha” conference. In Chicago. As in NOT Hawaii. One letter. I felt better. (not bitter : )

I reached into my mailbox at church, and was happy to grab a handful of mail. All kinds of stuff. Cards, letters…stuff. I carried it into chapel not really looking at any of it. Afterward, as I got ready to see who all these people were who were sending me personal cards, I noticed they were all to my friend Lisa Yebuah. ALL of them. Lisa 9, Stefan 0. Someone had stuck all of the letter “Y” mail in my box. Again, one letter. With my heart crushed, hope smashed, and joy withered to a lonely sorrow, I returned the mail to Lisa’s box. (Ok, that line was a bit much)

My point is, that often times the smallest things can make the biggest difference. A $5 bill turned into 46 pairs of pajamas for needy kids. (read the Bless Back Project stories on the website) A gesture of kindness makes someone’s day. A text message with a scripture verse brings hope at the exact moment needed. A phone call reminds someone that they matter. You get the idea. Look for the small opportunities today. It will change someone’s life. And that someone may be you.

This week we’ve changed one letter for our new sermon series, “Son and Sandals.” Jesus and his band of disciples walked a road filled with purpose and destiny. A road He now calls us to walk. Join us for this exciting new series beginning Sunday. Last week we introduced the series with Motown’s “ I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day….” This week, well you just have to be there.


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