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Snowballs in October

Snowball Effect- The consequence of one event setting off a chain of events, potentially dangerous, or disastrous. (Webster) Amazing how fast perspective and attitude can change.  I got to work early, for a day that would be busy from 7am till around 8:15pm. All good stuff, but man, where did this snowball come from? It’s only fall. It went like this: (Times are estimates)

8:05am: After meeting with a few guys for an early morning Bible study, I ran out to Starbucks (the modern well) to grab an oatmeal and black coffee. (With a few additives)

8:10am: I pondered, as I stood in line, what it would be like to be a Barista. I wish my job had a cool name like that. I also like Conquistador…and Recreational Therapist.

8:25am: Rushed back to church. Flossed on the way…as per my dentist.

8:35am: Sitting in chapel…felt like something was stuck between my 2 back lower teeth. (Also, I learned, known as molars 17 and 18)

9:03am: Chapel over. Ran back to the office, then the bathroom. Brushed, and then flossed again. Getting worse.

9:04-9:10am: It’s definitely more like a chipped filling now than something stuck between 17 and 18. I know a chipped filling when I feel one.

9:10am: Floss may be defective. Try new floss and it starts fraying. Just what I expected…a filling is cracked on the exact tooth that my dentist said may be

a problem. He had fixed it, but said that he had to go pretty close to the root, and if it acts up again…root canal.

9:15am: Texted my friend McQueen, to get the number of the dentist he recommended, and I saw. (One year ago) While waiting for him to text back, it felt like the crack had now gotten larger. Not a great time for a filling, much less a root canal. I have a wedding this weekend, and pressing engagements the next 4 days, and I don’t have money for a root canal.

9:25am: This is really bothering me now, and I’m about to lead worship for a Conference on Church Leadership in Kerr Hall, just below my office. They say we’re slowed more by the pebble in our shoe than the mountain before us. I think Chuck Norris said that on an episode of Walker Texas Ranger. I digress.

9:30am: I’m sitting at the piano now, and my son calls, just before I start. I can’t pick up. The phone rings again and I pick up. (Might be another emergency) Just as I do, our bishop (My boss’s boss), who was about to do the opening prayer, walks over to talk. Dilemma…put my son on hold, put the bishop on hold, or…floss. (FYI…son first, bishop second…floss last)

10:05am: Still waiting for McQueen to call back with that dentist’s name. Back up to the office to floss one more time. Said short prayer.

10:25am: Google costs for a root canal.

10:28am: Google root canal in the Philippines. Just curious. I gotta get this thing fixed…now. Feels like it’s starting to ache.

10:50am: McQueen texts back. Appointment set up for 2pm today. Thank you Lord.

10:51am: Wondering if the anesthesia will wear off before I lead the Men’s Study in worship tonight.

11:00am: Had a stick of gum.

11:01am: Gum dislodges tiny piece of almond from my oatmeal. Oh ye of little faith.

The jump from a tiny thing, to worst case scenario, is often fast and furious. The mind is like that. The enemy, and our own thoughts, will blow all sorts of things out of proportion, until worry, fear, and stress displace the infinitely more powerful, faith, hope, and peace.

Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusts in Thee. ~ Isaiah 26:3

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

11:25am: Call dentist and cancel, “Root Canal.”


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